Chick Peas in Curry Tomato Sauce


Olive oil



1 TBS Sun Brand Madras Curry Powder

1 coarsely chopped large Onion

2 cloves chopped Garlic


Chick Peas

Fresh Tomato Puree


Food Mill

Pressure Cooker


The following steps can be done a day or so before hand. I encourage this as it makes the whole process less of a big deal if you spread the steps over time

Tomato Puree

7-10 Fresh plum Tomatoes

Cut tomatoes in half and place in covered sauce pan on med/low heat. Simmer until fruit is in lots of juice and skins are falling off. Process through a food mill to get tomato puree. Let sit until at room temperature then store in fridge until needed.

Chick Peas

1 cup dry Chick Peas

Place chick peas in pressure cooker and cover with clean water to 1.5 inches above top of beans. Place on high heat until full pressure - then reduce heat and cook for 40 mins. Turn heat off and let beans come to room temperature on the stove. Store in refrigerator. You can put the entire pressure cooker in the fridge if you have room and its at room temp.


Preparing dish

  • Heat about 3 Tbsp olive oil to med/low heat. 

  • Add onions and garlic, cook on med low heat until soft and slightly translucent.

  • Add salt, pepper and curry powder, cook for 1 min

  • Add chick peas and puree and drizzle with more olive oil. Don’t be stingy with the olive oil

  • Cook for at least 1/2 hour until beans are a nice consietency and sauce thickens. The puree may have a lot of naturally occurring water from the tomatoes so be sure to cook down. You cant over cook if you keep the heal low and and keep an eye on it. Check seasoning levels near end of and add salt, pepper and curry as needed.

  • Note that as the liquid reduces, the flavors get stronger.

  • This dish is tastier the next day.

  • Serve with some nice homemade buttered bread, white rice or a salad.