Oil on Canvas

24" X 36"


This painting is of a structure I discovered while hiking in southern Vermont.

I used to be part of a group ski-house in Jamaica, VT. Many of the winter weekends, my friends and I would drive the 3 hour drive from Boston to our weekend getaway called Xanadu. While primarily organized as a shared ski house, we would regularly visit it throughout the year to enjoy the offerings of the other three seasons.

One fall weekend we did a hiking adventure through the woods right behind Xanadu. We had to cross the river that runs behind the house and then climb the tall, steep embankment that abuts the river. Though close to the house, this was actually uncharted territory for most of us. It was amazing an day. We saw a couple cute farmhouses, dense woods with vibrant leaves, streams, and colorful, open fields. It really was lovely and I will never forget it.

At one point, we stumbled on this structure. I assume it had been a home though we could not see a driveway or even the remains of a road. It was just sitting the middle of the woods.  It did have some furniture in it but it had not been lived in for quite a while.  The surrounding foliage surrounding it was simply incredible. The shape of the structure, it’s weathered color and texture were very interesting against the range of bright, fall colors.

I also did a painting titled “Welcome” of the interior of this same structure.

This day was very special not only because it was a lovely hike, but I also got to spend the day with my best buddies, many of whom I love dearly. I captured lots images on that hike that have solid potential for future paintings.

Discovery is available for sale. It can be viewed at Ricky’s Studio in Chicago (Rogers Park).

Some additional insight on this painting.