018 Seeds of Creativity

Ernesto Lopez is the owner of Chicago based Oak Leaf Garden Design. I loved learning about the origins of his interest in gardening and how he always sees the potential of things before he begins. We start our conversation with one of the unique aspects of what he does; that it combines both creativity and biology.

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016 Creativity | Technique

Ernesto Heen artinuum.com and I met at a 6 week painting and drawing workshop in Florence Italy. He is currently a painter based in Hamburg Germany and also has started teaching art technique. Ernesto’s background is very similar to mine and our creative journey has many parallels.

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015 Just Be Nice

Brian Justice’s brianjustice.com career spans the visual and written arts. He was an oil painter, transitioned to being a freelance writer and is currently working on a play. We speak about creativity across all of these roles and how he keeps things moving forward.

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014 Practical Effects

John McDaviit mcdavittdesign.com is an artist and muralist who paints large, public murals. We met at industry event and I immediate liked him. I found his energy fantastic and him very easy to talk to. John's background is different from mine and I aways like speaking with those who have had a different creative journey than me.

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005 What Will it Take?

Paul Schultz is a Chicago based tiny home and furniture designer with many many imaginative interests. He has one of the most active creative minds I have ever encountered. He has this unbounded thinking  combined with the abilities actually produce his ideas.

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001 E2K Introduction

Everyone has a creative part of their mind whether they use it not. I am an artist living in Chicago IL. Eager to Know enables people to listen in on my conversations with those moving their life forward using the creative parts of their mind. Together with artists, business owners, and makers, we discuss their journey, creative experience, and moving forward.

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