My new podcast Eager To Know (E2K) is currently in a soft-launch phase with the initial 3 episodes available on iTunes. There will be no promotion until the end of January.

 I would like to invite you to be part of this exciting project as a guest on E2K.

It would require about 1 hour fo your time in a recording studio in Andersonville. The format is very relaxed and conversational. We would discuss what you are currently doing and how you got where you are. I will gently guide the conversation towards uncovering the creative/unique things that have lead to the good results in your life, work or business. I am looking to identify commonalties to others so that anyone listening to the conservation would be able to take something away.

It is very easy, organic and it will require no prep on your part. I will do all the heavy lifting - you just need to chill and chat. You can obviously promote any upcoming project. You will be able to use the podcast as promotional content.