Silver Spring

Oil on Canvas

24" X 36"

About "Silver Spring"

This painting is based on a photograph I took one morning in the heart of a New England winter. Barely awake, I was a passenger in a car sipping my coffee as we drove through a working-class Providence, RI neighborhood.  This burst of color and light just presented itself and we pulled off to the side of Silver Spring Street to enjoy it.

It was almost shocking to see the hues, shapes and value patterns coming from a facility that should be considered dull. Really, we were just looking at dirty snowbanks and a small metal framework.  It was lovely and a great way to start our day.

The building, ACE Spring Co., has since been painted brown, so I am glad we can still enjoy it in this lovely aqua state.

“Silver Spring” represents a part of my work quite meaningful to me, finding beauty and interest in the most unexpected spots. I am sure this structure that was intended to be nothing more than effective for the work planned to be done there. When simple manmade structures are combined with a bit of nature, something unintentional can result.

This painting is available to purchase and is on display at Greenleaf Art Center in Chicago (Rogers Park).