This Life Comes with no Answers

Oil on Canvas, Framed

24" X 36"

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This life comes with no answers. We don’t even know the questions we will be asked . There is no real way to prepare.  Problems are handled as they are presented  with what we know and whet is available to us.

I visited Vietnam in 2015 and appreciated much about the country’s energy, look and feel. I found it visually fresh and interesting. The urban areas had a consistent high level of vitality. There was lots of movement, varied hues and and a wide range of color saturation. There were many small, interesting, colorful things. Motorcycles were common and used for all sorts of tasks beyond transporting people.

I saw a man on a motorbike transporting a giant clear plastic bag holding  many smaller plastic bags, each containing some water and a single bright orange goldfish. It was brilliant. 

I did mange to grab this shot of a man transporting balloons. I don’t know where the balloons were collected or where they were being delivered. This is an important job as balloons are fun and a source of whimsy and pleasure. Someone figured out the solution of getting lots of balloons from one place to another place.  The answer came.

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